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Cranfield Church & Holy Well

The coach will then make its way to Cranfield Church and Holy Well . (This excludes the tour on Saturday 11th September, where ticket holders provide their own transportation)

There, Anne-Marie, a local English and History teacher, will take you on a reflective guided tour on the northern shore of Lough Neagh.


You’ll savour the panoramic views and feel humbled to be in the presence of the ruins of a thirteenth century church. This ancient, quiet place offers opportunity for ‘time out’ and (spiritual) reflection for people of all faiths and none. Anne-Marie will share with you what is known of the site’s history and its legends.


Learn a little of how Lough Neagh and its shoreline communities were much impacted by World War Two, including in this area.  And take your opportunity to get personally acquainted with the long famed and revered Holy Well of St. Olcan.

Then the coach will then make its way to the homely Lock-Keeper’s Cottage Tearoom and Visitors’ Centre in Toomebridge village, where Anne-Marie will hand over to her husband Gary, a practising commercial Lough Neagh fisherman, and a member of the Lough Neagh Fishermen’s Co-Operative Society.


Join Gary for a short boat trip (departing from The Lock-Keeper’s Cottage Tearoom and Visitors’ Centre) to learn a little about his on-going work and of the ecological importance of this location directly from this traditional fisherman, who will also teach you about the wide variety of fish found in these waters, and the sustainable fishing methods used on Lough Neagh. He’ll talk you through his typical day working on Lough Neagh; the joys and challenges of Lough Neagh fishing; and share photos of his fishing ancestors, who date back at least seven generations and one of whom was a real local legend. His passion for these waters and shorelines, and their creatures, is palpable; and the real life stories he shares will make it an unforgettable experience. *This boat trip will really be a taster of our exclusive, signature, “Tourism NI” branded “Embrace a Giant Spirit” experience: The Lough Neagh Fishing Story.

Next indulge in a visit to the homely Lock-Keeper’s Cottage Tearoom and Visitors’ Centre, to purchase your lunch (not included). It is possible to pre-order a range of lunch options in The Lock-Keeper’s Cottage through us, at cost, at the time of booking.

Return by coach to Castledawson Park & Ride (BT45 8DP), Dunsilly Park & Ride (BT41 2JJ), and Toomebridge Park & Ride (BT41 3QR).



Pick-up by coach at:
9.30am Castledawson Park & Ride (BT45 8DP).
9.40am Dunsilly Park & Ride (BT41 2JJ)
9.50am Toomebridge Park & Ride (BT41 3QR).
Your tour guide, Anne-Marie, will greet you on the coach.

How long?

4 hours


Date: 10am, Sun 22nd August 2021

Tickets: £65pp

Date: 10am, Sat 28th August 2021

Tickets: £65pp

Date: 10am, Sat 11th September 2021

Tickets: £45pp (transport not provided)


  • Those interested in the natural environment, ecology, wildlife and sustainability.

  • Those interested in fishing.

  • Those interested in bird-watching.

  • Those interested in botany.

  • Those interested in cultural experiences.

  • Those interested in exclusive, intimate, quality, memorable experiences.

  • Those interested in bonding with family and friends / like-minded people during such experiences.

  • Those interested in educational experiences.

  • Those interested in good food, knowing where their food comes from, and eating healthily.

  • Those interested in supporting and sustaining rural workers and their way of life.

  • Those interested in rural tourism.

  • Those who appreciate the outdoors.  

  • Those interested in canals and lock gates.  

  • Open-Minded Explorers!

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If we have not scheduled tours for a specific date, please use the contact form below to enquire about additional dates or Private Charters.

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