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Halloween Spooktacular Boat Trip

Fancy dress Halloween boat trip out into Antrim Bay. Suitable for families and young children.

(Approximately 30 mins on the water plus time for safe boarding, health and safety matters and safe disembarking).


£15 per person. Mixed groups. Capacity: 10. (We've voluntarily reduced passenger capacity from 12 for now due to the virus.) Tour participants in mixed groups are requested to please wear masks over their mouths - even Halloween ones. 



Directions from Town:
One mile from Antrim Town Centre. Follow signposting for Antrim Forum/Lough Shore Park. On the Dublin Road take the turn off for the Lough Road, passing Antrim Forum. The Lough Shore Park is situated at the end of the Lough Road.

How long?

Antrim Loughshore Park
Ballyronan Marina

The Lock Keepers Cottage, Toomebridge


Available during October

16th & 17th October 2021 (Ballyronan)
26th, 27th, 28th & 29th October 2021 (Antrim)
30th & 31st October 2021 (Toome)

This tour can be booked to suit your schedule provided it does not clash with existing bookings. Please contact for more details.



  • Those interested in or in need of intimate, quality, memorable family / bubble experiences.

  • Families / bubbles interested in the natural environment, ecology and sustainability.

  • Families / bubbles interested in educational experiences.

  • Families / bubbles interested in or in need of relaxation or ‘time out’.

  • Families / bubbles interested in heritage and cultural experiences.

  • Families / bubbles interested in supporting and sustaining rural workers and their way of life.

  • Families / bubbles interested in rural tourism.

  • Families / bubbles interested in community stories and community endeavours.

  • Families / bubbles who appreciate the outdoors.  

  • Families / bubbles interested in history, especially Irish history. 

  • Families / bubbles interested in good food, knowing where their food comes from, and eating healthily.

  • Families / bubbles interested in fishing.

  • Families / bubbles interested in canals.  

  • Families / bubbles who are open-minded explorers!

Terms and conditions for all boat trips.



*Obviously, boat trips are weather-permitting. We always monitor weather conditions and forecast in advance, and have contingency plans in place, including amending timings and routes to suit weather conditions, to enable us to proceed with the booking if at all possible. In the highly unlikely event of LNS being unable to proceed with the booking for any other reason, a full refund will, of course, be provided to customers (within seven days). 

*Unfortunately, it will not be possible to issue a refund if a customer cancels a booking with less than forty-eight hours’ notice.


Please come suitably prepared: Health and Safety

*Even on a perfectly still, calm summer’s day on land, there can often be cold wind-chill and wave on the Lough.  It is essential that tour participants come equipped with flat footwear, and warm, waterproof and windproof clothing - even a little blanket for over their legs. They should also enjoy a moderate level of good physical health.

*These proposals do NOT take account of 1m social distancing. Tour participants in mixed groups will be required to wear masks over their mouths - even Halloween ones.


*Unfortunately, these tours would not be suitable for wheelchair users. 


We thank you for your understanding and support with these important health and safety matters.

Book the Cruise

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If we have not scheduled tours for a specific date, please use the contact form below to enquire about additional dates or Private Charters.

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